Our Story

The Elenilto Group is a privately-owned global corporation that invests in and operates large-scale projects in diverse industries.

Real Estate, Minerals, Oil, Gas and Quarries are the flagship businesses of the Elenilto Group. The Company holds dozens of exploration and mining licenses, granting the rights to explore, drill, produce and process onshore and offshore fields, mainly in Africa and Europe. The total mining, mineral and hydrocarbon assets of the Company are evaluated in the billions of US dollars.

Diversification thru Engelinvest

Directly and through its affiliate, Engelinvest, the Elenilto Group has significantly diversified its interests, into many other areas, including the investment and operation of large-scale projects in Real Estate, Renewable Energy, Infrastructure, Public Facilities and Innovative Technologies.

Engel: Vision and Financial Strength

Elenilto Group´s organization and outstanding track record are the fruit of Jacob Engel, an industrialist for more than four decades. He began amassing his wealth in real estate, including the construction of tens of thousands of residential units in emerging markets. His unique attributes are many, from recognizing opportunities and strategic vision for executing and marketing them, to his management of large budgets and substantial risk. As a result of his success, Engel has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in new ventures, often self-financing projects to enable them to materialize.  To date, many of Engel´s ventures have had IPOs in New York and London.

Recognizing the importance of innovation, Elenilto Group has invested tens of millions of US dollars in start-up companies and is creating funds for investing in international start-ups, as well.

Expertise and Relationships

Today, the company continues to pursue exciting new opportunities worldwide requiring highly-specialized professional expertise; extensive experience with large-scale investments and project management; and maintaining excellent relationships with national governments and regulatory authorities in more than 20 countries.

Seasoned Professionals

Elenilto and Engelinvest meet these demands through a robust organization led by a professional Management Team and seasoned Project Managers, strong financing, reliable project execution, and adherence to strict budgets and timetables. A sincere commitment to social and environmental responsibility has a marked impact on the Group´s project planning and execution, strengthening the Company´s relationships with the communities in which it operates.

Turn-Key Projects

The Elenilto Group offers turn-key projects – from conception through completion– with quality, financing, execution, relationships and standards you can rely on. These assets build the confidence needed to implement projects, increase long-term project value and contribute to sustainable growth.