Real Estate Properties

During the past 40 years, Mr. Jacob Engel, Engelinvest Group´s Founder and Chairman, has developed a successful track record of developing real estate projects, totaling billions of dollars, in more than a dozen countries on five continents.

In the UK, Engelinvest is active in real estate development, with industrial and office space strategically located for optimal value and convenience. The Company also owns office parks in central business districts. By leveraging its contacts and reputation in the UK, and all its markets, the Company contributes to reducing risk and maximizing property values for its partners and customers.

Over the last 20 years, the group invested in the acquisition of large scale commercial and offices real estate properties, mainly in Israel and the UK.

Large-scale Global Residential Projects

Through Engelinvest, the Group engages in the development of industrial facilities, residential projects, and commercial properties. Often, local entrepreneurs and landowners partner with the Company to realize large-scale projects, due to its real estate experience and global connections in the financial sector. Notably, Mr. Engel has led international IPOs of real estate development companies in New York and London.

His companies have built tens of thousands of residential units worldwide, as well as hospitals, ports, airports, government buildings, senior living facilities and other commercial and public buildings in North America, Central Europe, Eastern Europe. In addition, Mr. Engel identified prospering economies within the emerging markets, where it is possible to generate consistent growth and ensure very high return on investments.
Israel Israel +10,000 units
Hungary Hungary 6,072 units
Romania Romania 3,500 units
Bulgaria Bulgaria 1,619 units
Poland Poland 1,190 units
Czech Republic Czech Republic 1,174 units
Canada Canada 916 units
Serbia Serbia 600 units

Leader in Emerging Markets

Engelinvest will continue to strengthen its position as a leading developer in emerging markets, by recognizing growth opportunities, partnering its vast expertise with local visionaries and applying its insightful financing methods. This strategy will ensure the Group remains at the forefront of international real estate investment, development and construction.