Social Responsibility

Corporate social and environmental responsibility are of fundamental importance to the Elenilto Group, so strategic agendas in these areas are part of every international project – especially in Developing Countries.

Elenilto works closely with the community to address its fundamental needs, from creating local employment to improving the standard of living, from the very basics, such as providing infrastructure to ensure safe sources of drinking water, to establishing schools, modern medical clinics, housing, electricity, libraries, and even sports facilities – such as soccer fields.

All of these initiatives help Elenilto Group´s representatives foster healthy relationships with local communities and authorities based on mutual respect and long-term commitment.

Respecting human rights is fundamental to all activities of Elenilto Group´s business units, and the Company is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for all its employees.

As an industrial company, Elenilto Group also consistently strives to formulate policies that contribute to environmental sustainability. This is accomplished through program development and training, in cooperation with local agencies, to ensure that projects operate within international guidelines and with respect for the environment and the communities impacted by them. The Company´s commitments are shared with local governments and community representatives, to ensure transparency and accountability.