Strategic Vision

Some forty years ago, when I started to invest in international real estate projects, I was hungry for opportunities and felt energized by their abundance – often in places overlooked by others. Venturing into minerals, oil and gas development was a far greater challenge on many levels: professionally, politically, financially and culturally. 

Elenilto Group was built on the spirit of dreaming, exploring and thinking big.

I have learned that it takes more than just capital to achieve great success. It requires discipline and hard work; to think creatively and to create thoughtfully; to cultivate relationships, honor values and strive to surpass anticipated outcomes. 

Being a world-class industrialist means daring to take risks…and knowing when and how to manage them.

The Management Team at Elenilto Group was hand-picked to help realize this vision. From our managers in the field to the strategic planners in our offices, we are dedicated entrepreneurs, professionals with diverse areas of expertise, and dreamers who enjoy turning opportunities into achievements.

Today, our portfolio is comprised of businesses that harness natural resources from the earth, sun, wind and water, as well as from fertile minds. We plan, develop and build. And, while hard at work, we address the needs of people and the environment, in hopes that our endeavors are constructive and sustainable.
I am proud of Elenilto´s accomplishments to date, but there is so much more to do. There are new opportunities and challenges that must be embraced. The world is changing and so are we. There is value to be created for countries, communities and companies. 

Elenilto Group is inspired and driven.
This is the dreamer´s engine.  

Jacob Engel
Chairman and Founder