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Elenilto Joined the Chinese Giant Wengfu

January 27, 2013 03:20 PM Eastern Time
Elenilto Joined the Chinese Giant Wengfu to the Togo Phosphate Tender

LONDON – Elenilto, one of the leading African mining developers, was selected by the government of Togo as one of the three short listed companies for the development of the world class carbonated phosphate tender. This carbonated project is one of the most promising African phosphate deposits with estimated reserves of two billion tons of carbonated phosphates.

Elenilto joined to the project the Chinese giant company, WENGFU GROUP, which is one of the biggest Chinese phosphate and fertilizer production companies with worldwide reputation and with many years of global operations in phosphates mining and fertilizer products production using high end technology.

Wengfu is entering to the project as equity partner that will invest 40% of the required investments and will provide the management and professional services to the partnership jointly with Elenilto.
Elenilto is acting in 8 countries in Africa developing large scale mining projects that includes iron ore, copper, tantalum, coal, oil & gas etc. in the scope of billions of US dollars.